Hi, I'm Hars! 🧙‍♂️

A back-end software wizard based in Melbourne. As a sorcerer of the digital realm, I use my magical powers to create captivating and enchanting software that improves the lives of users everywhere. 💫

My days are spent conjuring websites and apps, vanquishing bugs and optimizing performance. With my enchanted laptop and spells at the ready, I embark on adventures through the mystical realm of tech, rescuing princesses from the perils of poor UX, and questing for elegant solutions to complex problems. 👑

My pet unicorn, named Aurora helps me in my coding quest. When my code is amazing, rainbows and butterflies magically appear. Sometimes I find a four-leaf clover when I am debugging. Aurora also brings good luck by leaving shiny stars behind every time I compile a successful build. 🦄

If you're in need of an engineer who can imbue your software with magic and wonder, or simply want to chat about tech and meet Aurora, feel free to contact me through my socials. Time-travelers, take note: the Phoenix Feather Post is also an option and the owls would love that! 🦉